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  • Start Mobilscan in Demo mode.
  • Select Report mode (Apple iOS 13.x.x. does not support WiFi between devices – unless you actively accept that your location is shared. This accept is possible from the report demo mode in the Mobilscan app)
  • Allow ”Mobilscan” to access your location? Yes please. ”Allow While using App”.
  • Close the Mobilscan app.
  • Select settings on the iPhone, press WiFi, and connect to Mobilscan.
  • Start the Mobilscan app again. It will take a couple of seconds and then you are ready to use Mobilscan.



Car diagnose with Mobilscan

MobilScan consists of two technologies – an application for Smartphone and Tablet and an OBD adapter for your car.

Mobilscan icon 1

Smartphone or tablet

Mobilscans app is designed for both Smartphone and Tablets with systems iOS and Android.

Access to information

Install our OBD Adapter in your vehicle and access to the vehicle’s computer.

Developed in Denmark

Mobilscans products are 100% Danish developed inhouse by Danish engineers.


Mobilscan OBD Adapter is perfect for monitoring the health of your car.


MobilScan consists of an application for your Android (phone or tablet) or iPhone (iPad, iPod) and an OBD Bluetooth (Android) or WiFi (iPhone) adapter


You buy the adapter for either iPhone / iPad or Android and download the free app , as simple as that really

Does it work for my car?

MobilScan works on petrol cars from 2001, diesel cars from 2004 and cars over < 2500 kg from 2007 and up

Order adapter

Book your adapter for either the iPhone or Android, or purchase it from one of our many dealers.

Who can use it

MobilScan works on petrol cars from 2001, diesel cars from 2004 and cars over < 2500 kg from 2007 and up

Our Retailers

Buy your Mobilscan OBD Adapter from one of ours many retailers. Here’s a list of some of our retailers – with more to come.