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Car Diagnostics using your smartphone

  • Now you do not need to continue driving on with Warning light on.
  • Now you do not need to wait to go to the garage with your car to know what is wrong.
  • Now you can prepare the garage by knowing what is wrong.
  • Keep an eye on your car data.

And all this for less than what most garages charge for doing the same test once

The Mobilscan system comprises an app for your Android device or iPhone (iPad, iPod) and an OBD Bluetooth/WiFi adapter, WiFi for iPhone Bluetooth for Android.

Mobilscan gives you access to any information comprised in the so called OBD standard, this means that you can readout fault codes, continuously receive and display a full list of engine parameters like oxygen sensor readings, air mass, temperature sensors and other parameters used by the engine control computer.

Mobilscan can hereby help you identify whether the engine is running at its optimum level or you need to replace worn out components.

Technical Specifications:


  • Graphical sensor display
  • Overview (‘Smiley’-indication that gives an overview of all data)
  • Send all data via email
  • Delete error codes


  • Works with all EOBD/OBD-II compliant vehicles
  • Supports ISO 9141, KWP2000
  • Supports SAE J1850
  • Supports CAN bus



Smart phone with Android 2.1 or newer (download from Google Play free), if the phone is able to download the app from google play, then it is able to run on the phone.


Mobilscan requires that the device is updated to iOS 5.0 or later.

Mobilscan for iPhone is tested on iPhone 4/4S, iPad 2/3 and iPod touch 4th

The Car

  • Petrol after 2001
  • Diesel after 2004
  • >2500 kg after 2007

For further information

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