Updates and news


2.8: Update to a newer Android version.

NOTE – Problems after updating the Mobilscan App:

Google has changed the data location of Apps in new Android versions. This means that old Mobilscan App data does not fit into the new App. So if you’ve only updated the app and haven’t touched anything else, we recommend the following:

Go to your phone’s settings by tapping on the gear “Settings” among your apps. Press “Apps/App management” and find Mobilscan. Press on storage usage and press “clear data”. Now all data should be deleted.

These actions should do the job if only an update has been performed.

For general problems with the Mobilscan App, we recommend the following reinstallation:

1.Go to your phone’s settings by tapping on the gear “Settings” among your apps. Press “Apps/App management” and find Mobilscan. Tap on it and “uninstall”. Now all data and the app are deleted.

2.Press Bluetooth and find MOBILSCAN under paired devices. Press the small circle next to MOBILSCAN in the list and press “Unpair/forget”.

3.Install the new Mobilscan App from Google Play Store.

4.Start your car.

5.Open the Mobilscan App and press “Connect adapter” inside the Mobilscan App, a small window will appear, where you press “search for Mobilscan adapters”. Approve to give access to the location “while using the app”. “Allow” the Mobilscan App to be able to find, connect to, and determine the location of nearby devices”. Then, the app automatically searches for your adapter.

6. If the small window “search for mobilescan adapters” does not automatically appear on the screen, select the menu at the top (3rd from the right) with the 3 horizontal lines. Here, press “Mobilescan adapter” and then you will see the window where you can press “search for mobilescan adapters”. Then, approve to give access to location “while the app is in use”. “Allow” Mobilescan to find, connect to, and determine the relative position of nearby devices. Afterward, the app will automatically search for your adapter.

2.6: Another fix for BT pairing and support for German

2.5: Fix for BT problems on some phones. Skriftypper now resizes with the phone’s general settings for font size.

2.4: HUD mode for instruments for Android 3.0 and later

2.3: Fix for Bluetooth problems on Android 4.2 and 4.3

2.2: See your previous reports (from 2.1.4 onwards) via the menu item ‘My Reports’ on the report page. Bug fixes.

2.1.4: Share reports on Facebook (and others), the MAF-based fuel, part


2.2.1: Bug fixes and support of German